Unit 2. Shopping


Lesson 6.


1. Listen, read and act out the dialogues on page 43.


Jane is not sure if the department store is open or not, so she is calling there to find out.

Operator: macy’s, may I help you?

Jane: Yes, please. How late are you open tonight?

Operator: Until 9:00 p.m.

Jane: Thank you very much.

2. At the Shoe Shop.

Ann: i’d like a pair of shoes, please.

Shop-assistant: What kind of shoes would you like?

Ann: Low-heeled shoes for everyday wear.

Shop-assistant: What colour would you like?

Ann: Black.

Shop-assistant: What size do you wear?

Ann: Four. Can I try them on?

Shop-assistant: Of course.


2. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

1. What does Jane want to do tonight?

2. What store does she want to go to?

3. Why is she calling the department store?

4. Where is Ann?

5. What does she want to buy?

6. What size of shoes does she wear?


3. a) Work in pairs. Complete the conversation and act it out. b) Listen and check.

Jane: Hi, Ann! You look wonderful today!

Where (1).. you…… (to buy) your new T-shirt and this pair of jeans?

Ann: In the clothes shop.

Jane: Where (2).. (to be) it?

Ann: It is not far from Theatralna Underground Station. You (3) …(to go) straight ahead along Bohdan Khmelnytskiy Street, and it’s on the right. You (4)…(not / to have to) go far.

Jane: How much (5) (to be) the things you bought?

Ann: I don’t remember the exact price of the T-shirt, but the jeans (6)… (to be) 350 UAH. The style is more important for me than the price. And the price is quite important for my mum. She usually (7) … (to pay) for the purchase.

ConversationcLab: a Discussion


4. Work in groups. Discuss what is very / quite / not so / not at all important to know when you buy something. Use the ideas and the phrases from the box given below.


To my mind, the price is not so important when you want to buy good clothes to wear.

1. Price.

2. Colour.

3. Comfort.

4. Name of the designer.

5. Size.

6. Quality.

7. …

Expressing Your Opinion

I think…

To my mind…

In my opinion…


5. You are on holiday in another city or country. Write an email to your parents. Tell them what things you have already bought, ask them if they want you to buy anything else. Give the details. Use the questions below to help you.

• What did you buy?

• Where did you buy it?

• Why did you buy it?

• Do you like it? Why?