Unit 2. Shopping


Lessons. 8-9.


1. Ann and Dan are in London. They want to buy some souvenirs for their family and friends. Look at the photos and say what they can buy in these shops.

Hamley’s Mystical Fairies

Forbidden Planet Hope and Greenwood Shop



2. Look through the texts (1-4) on page 49. Say what the names of the shops are.

A Mystical Fairies

В Hope and Greenwood

С Forbidden Planet

D Hamley’s

Best London Shops for Children

1… is the greatest toy shop in the world. It is in London in Regent

Street. The shop has seven floors of toys to explore! People from all over the world come to visit it. You can buy the most wonderful toys and games there. There are always lots of toy demonstrations there, so you can try before you buy.

2… is a girl’s dream! This shop is full of fairy princess and dresses.

There are also lots of accessories: bags, scarves and wigs! Girls can be part of Fairy School and Princess Academy. They can learn how to be fairies and princess, do arts and crafts, decorate a fairy cake, sing and dance. Boys can try on a costume of a pirate or a wizard and have fun.

3… is the world’s largest and best-known entertainment shop. This is where you can find the latest comics and graphic novels from science fiction and fantasy stories. You can also buy action figures, books, DVDs and toys.

4… is a confectionery. It is in Russell Street. You can buy traditional sweets in old-fashioned glass jars. You can discover for yourself Candy Bananas, Rainbow Drops and even Flying Saucers! And you can use the jars for your new creative ideas!


3. Work in groups of four. Read the information about one of the shops in Ex. 2. Take notes. Then share the information with your friends.


4. Read and say which place it is.

1. You can wear a costume of a pirate there.

2. You can choose a nice toy for your younger brother or sister there.

3. You go there to buy a box of traditional chocolates.

4. It is an exciting place to shop for girls.

5. You can learn to do some crafts there.

6. It is the world’s largest entertainment shop.


5. Work in pairs. Read, complete and act out the dialogue. Use the Past Simple negatives and questions.

Ольги: (1) .. (you / to have) a nice holiday in London?

Bohdan: Yes, thanks. It was good. We saw the most famous ориентиры. We also looked round some museums and saw a show at the Globe Theatre. We (2) … (not / to try) to do too much.

Ольги: Which museum (3) (you / to go) to?

Bohdan: (4)…. I (5) …. (to get) to know much there.

Ольги: it’s fascinating, isn’t it? And what show (6) …. (you / to watch)?

Bohdan: Oh, a musical about monsters. I (7) (not / to like) it.

Ольги: Where (8) … (you / to stay)?

Bohdan: At the hotel. The rooms were very comfortable there.

Ольги: And (9) .. (Susan / to enjoy the holidays?

Bohdan: Yes, she did. She (10) … (to do) some shopping, too.

Conversationd Lab


6. Read and act out the situation.

Your friend is going to London next month. Tell him / her about places to go shopping there. Answer his / her questions.


7. Write an email to your English-speaking friend. Ask him И her about:

• the places she usually does the shopping;

• the best places to buy souvenirs;

• thank him И her for his И her recommendations.